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[IP] Cleaning up the digest

On behalf of those of us (most?) who get the digest version of this
mailing list, could I make a PLEA:

The last digest (#456) was 1200 lines long. Of that, I counted 197 lines
of new and useful writing. The rest was the message being replied to
quoted, and re-quoted, and re-re-quoted, not to mention people posting
in HTML format. Re-quoting the subscribe/unsubscribe instructions is the
biggest crime of all.

1200 is a lot of lines to scroll through to get at 197 lines of
interesting stuff.

Please, please, please... when you hit the "Reply" button or whatever,
it is your responsibility to chop out anything that is not strictly
needed to put your reply in context. Use the delete key, or click and
drag followed by cut, depending on your email package. Don't forget,
there's often a lot that needs deleting lurking off the bottom of the


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send the next two lines in a message
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