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Re: [IP] Re: diabetes/asthma


It's comforting to know that I can always "fall back on" a career in
medical research. Maybe that was my true calling <vbg>. As I've stated
before, it's unfortunate that I didn't take better notes when I was five
years old. They would be pretty valuable now ;-)


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>Bob, that's really interesting.  We had a grad student hear a few years ago
>who was studying the airways of diabetic rats for her thesis work.  She
>found that the untreated rats have very sensitive airways that could more
>easily constrict.   When they were given insulin this twitchiness in the
>airways disappeared.  She thought it had something to do with the way
>insulin acted on the nerves in thelung, but this was just a hypothesis.
>So anyway Bob, now we all know that you are a good model for a diabetic
rat :-)
>There was a recent thread re: asthma and possible links to diabetes. I
>suffered *horribly* from bronchial asthma up to the time of diagnosis.
>Spent a few holiday seasons in a cot next to the Christmas tree, so I could
>see the gifts, participate in the festivities, etc. According to dad,
>*immediately* upon starting insulin, my asthma disappeared completely,

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