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[IP] Re: diabetes/asthma

Bob, that's really interesting.  We had a grad student hear a few years ago
who was studying the airways of diabetic rats for her thesis work.  She
found that the untreated rats have very sensitive airways that could more
easily constrict.   When they were given insulin this twitchiness in the
airways disappeared.  She thought it had something to do with the way
insulin acted on the nerves in thelung, but this was just a hypothesis.
So anyway Bob, now we all know that you are a good model for a diabetic rat :-)


There was a recent thread re: asthma and possible links to diabetes. I
suffered *horribly* from bronchial asthma up to the time of diagnosis.
Spent a few holiday seasons in a cot next to the Christmas tree, so I could
see the gifts, participate in the festivities, etc. According to dad,
*immediately* upon starting insulin, my asthma disappeared completely,
never to return (this information accompanied by appropriate hand gesturing
from dad, etc <vbg>). Cooool ;-)

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