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Re: [IP] need help from other parents of pumpers

    Yes, I was the one & yes, it was Calvin Klein! Glad to know they're still
available & that you were so pleased with the solution. Works great in the
summer when Melissa's not wearing panty hose & can just reach up under the
skirt hem & slide the pump out..Unlike plain bike shorts, these have a lace-
like band at the bottom which keeps the pump from sliding out..Only problem
Melissa has encountered is if it's left in too long, you'll be advertising
MINIMED with an imprint on your skin!!!...With pantyhose, she still slides the
pump under the body shaper which she puts on ON TOP of the
pantyhose..Otherwise a bolus necessitates a trip to the ladies' room to reach
the pump! LOL..

Regards, Renee
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