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Re: [IP] Low feeling/not low

In a message dated 7/28/98 9:22:49 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

 However, my endo told me he wants me to lower my basals by .1unit because of
 occasional readings below 70.  My feeling is that they resulted from over
 bolusing rather than over basaling, and since I seem to have level bg during
 fasts, so I'm resisting.


Good for you.  Sounds like you know what is going on, if your basal testing
shows that your basals are OK, then leave them there.  Keep logs of your food
for awhile till you get the boluses worked out.  Then you'll have proof to
show your doctor.

and James,  I used to get that going low feeling while I was on straight H.
It would happen as I was eating my meal. I would test and be at 82 but an hour
later, I would be at 50, and it would take a gargantuan effort to bring it
back up.  45 minutes and lots of glucose, followed by a large rebound.  These
problems disappeared when I returned to Velosulin for awhile.  Now I'm mixing
H and V in a 3 to 1 ratio, and I don't have these problems anymore. 

Mary Jean
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