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[IP] OTC medications for bladder infections.

     Hi Carol,
     There is something you might want to try for your bladder infection.  
     is cranberry juice -- make sure it is real cranberry juice not just
     cranberry flavored drink.  My doctor first recommended it to me a 
     of years ago.  It isn't a complete cure but it does seem to help.  My
     Mother and I both try to drink a glass of it daily for maintenance -- 
     don't seem to get as many infections anymore.
     You can get AZO Standard over the counter and you can also get AZO 
     Standard Cranberry capsules to use as a prophylactic precaution 
     against future bladder infections. I get these all of the time and 
     have been hospitalized twice when they went into my kidneys and once 
     with a kidney stone which produced a blockage that had to be 
     surgically taken care of. Continue to drink lots of water so that your 
     urine does not get so concentrated.
     << my first question is for women diabetics, are there any OTC
     medications for
     the start of a bladder infection? I can tell I'm getting one started
     and I'm not looking forward to another doctor visit.
     So far my only ideas are to drink lots of water, vitamin c and try to
     Bs stabilized.
     Carol >>
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