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[IP] Only 41 years


I need to correct my recent info circulated in Paula's messages re: length
of time with diabetes. This is bound to knock me down a couple places on
the "wall of veterans", but that's o.k. I couldn't live with this deception
any longer <vbg>

I just spent a bunch of time with my dad, talking a lot about my early
years. Turns out I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1957, when I was 5 years
old, which makes it 41 years with Type 1. Typical symptoms - drank
everything in sight, frequent urination, constant hunger with no weight
gain, etc.. Seems the old family doc who made house calls back then made
the "proper call" and confirmed the diagnosis. I had always associated my
diagnosis with the stress from a hernia operation, but there was no link.

There was a recent thread re: asthma and possible links to diabetes. I
suffered *horribly* from bronchial asthma up to the time of diagnosis.
Spent a few holiday seasons in a cot next to the Christmas tree, so I could
see the gifts, participate in the festivities, etc. According to dad,
*immediately* upon starting insulin, my asthma disappeared completely,
never to return (this information accompanied by appropriate hand gesturing
from dad, etc <vbg>). Cooool ;-)

So, knock me down a notch on the plaque of "More than 40 years". That will
teach me to take better notes when I'm young <vbg>. I'm still hoping that I
don't need to make it to the 50 year club.

Bob Burnett

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