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Re: [IP] switching to humalog

On 27 Jul 98 at 17:08, Cindy Arrowood wrote:

> Hello friends. Cindy in Seattle here. I have a "pat me on the back"
> statement. My A1c in two months went from 10.2 to 7.9. I'll take it! I'd be
> perfectly content with a 7.0 for the rest of my days, so that's what I'm
> aiming for. 

That's great!  It's nice when things seem to be working well, isn't 
it?  Keep up the good work, hang in there and remember that this is 
the biggest bunch of cheerleaders around.

> He is recommending Humalog (now on Velosulin). I have asked this before,
> but now that it's a little more of a reality, I'd appreciate more feedback.
> Are you more prone to low's? Do your basals decrease/increase? I've heard
> people mention feeling like you're going low but meter doesn't show low.

I had that "feeling like you're going low" back when I was using 
Humalin, so I don't attribute it to Humalog.  I switched to Humalog 
when it came out so I used it for a while on MDI.  The only 
differences I noticed were that it does "hit" quicker than regular, 
although not as fast for me as for some, and it sometimes takes more 
Humalog to get a high bg down.  I've had better luck bringing an 
unexpected high down by using a square wave over an hour than by 
taking the adjustment in one quick bolus.  I know a couple of other 
pump users who have had this happen to them too.  


Randall P. Winchester

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