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[IP] Problems with syringes

     Hi all:
     I recently experienced something that had never occurred before. I was 
     trying to bolus for my dinner last Friday evening and kept getting a 
     no delivery alarm. I disconnected and bolused to see if there was the 
     possibility of a bad site. I also changed my site. It seemed to work 
     fine so I reconnected and tried to continue bolusing for my dinner and 
     still kept getting a no delivery alarm. I called MiniMed and they had 
     me disconnect and bolus 5 units to see if it was a clogged line and it 
     went through fine. I reconnected and once again tried to finish 
     bolusing for my dinner and everything seemed A-OK. The next day as I 
     was getting into my car I got another no delivery alarm. I reset and 
     once again the problem went away. Again at dinner when I tried to 
     bolus the same problem occurred. Well, I changed my site again, 
     disconnected and continued to get the alarm. The outcome was...drum 
     roll please, I had a syringe that was tight due to lack of 
     lubrication. I always lubricate by pulling the plunger back and forth 
     before drawing up my H/V...it was just a BAD syringe. Because I had 
     lost track of my boluses and was frustrated I ended up with a BG of 
     340 before bedtime.
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