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Re: [IP] Bg rise in a.m....

Tonya and Bonnie:

A couple things to think of here:

1) Dawn phenomenon can happen whenever "your dawn" is. If you normally wake
up at 11:00 a.m., your body is getting into gear and synchronizing itself
regardless of where the big and little hands are on the clock. If you see
the same patterns in your BG when testing through the night, use this info
to help determine when your dawn rise normally starts and ends. If your
sleep schedule is never the same, it's a little harder to figure the
patterns out.

2)  For some folks, bagels fall into the same sort of category as pizza.
There may be a delayed rise (sometimes significant) in your BGs sometime
after you finish eating. I also notice a real difference in bagels,
depending on the brand and type. I know Lender's has a number of different
types. If I use the same insulin / carb ratio, I'll get different results
from the different types of bagels. I've seen carb counts for bagels
ranging anywhere from 30 grams of CHO per bagel to as high as 55 per bagel.
For me, bagels have always been a little "chancy", but worth the gamble ;-)

Tonya: what is your pre lunch BG reading if you have the same number of
carbs, same amount of insulin, but something different than the bagel? This
might help determine if its the food itself, the insulin / carb ratio, or
the dawn effect which is causing the problem.

3)  Mary Jean had a good suggestion for estimating breads and things, if
the labels are not available.


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Bonnie wrote:

>Thanks for asking this.  I have been wondering the same thing.  If I were
>eating what you ate for breakfast I would have to bolus about 7.5 or 8. 
>Just counting Carbs aren't always enough.  Like the person who mentioned a
>.. "chocolate donut was 7 plus 2 for later",  I have had to learn how each
>food reacts in me.  Maybe your carb ration isn't right?  How do you bolus
>for the sugar on the bagel?  I don't know what the scientific answer is,

Tonya wrote:

>Here's a question...
>I wake up with a bg around 70 to 120.  I faithfully eat my Lender's
>cinnamon swirl bagel 38 carbs and drink a cup of milk =3D 12 carbs.  I
>bolus my 5 units (1:10 carb ratio).  Before lunch check I am usually 250
>or higher?!?!?!?  If I'm too low waking up I am rebounding, I know, BUT
>even if I am normal I go way too high!!!  What could it be?!?  Do I need
>a different carb. ratio for breakfast?  I DO have Pumping Insulin and
>plan on reading it SOON!!  Any ideas for me now though?!?  -Tonya D.
>P.S. Can dawn phenom. happen around 11:00?!?  That's when I get up!  :-)

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