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[IP] switching to humalog

Hello friends. Cindy in Seattle here. I have a "pat me on the back"
statement. My A1c in two months went from 10.2 to 7.9. I'll take it! I'd be
perfectly content with a 7.0 for the rest of my days, so that's what I'm
aiming for. Saw my endo on Fri. 7/24 for the first time since starting
pumping on 5/26/98. I was pretty honked. He didn't praise me enough! To
give him the benefit of the doubt, he never really knew exactly how lousy
my bg's were, 'cause I'd bring him about 2 weeks worth of pre-meal results
only, so that's all he had to relate to (and lousy A1c's). But I wanted a
little more "atta girl".
He is recommending Humalog (now on Velosulin). I have asked this before,
but now that it's a little more of a reality, I'd appreciate more feedback.
Are you more prone to low's? Do your basals decrease/increase? I've heard
people mention feeling like you're going low but meter doesn't show low.
Actually, any and all info. about using Humalog would be appreciated. I'm
feeling like I might be missing something if I don't try it. BTW, he
poo-pooed mixing H/V as anecdotal, no science involved so he wouldn't go
for it. Anybody know of any research being done on this? Thx. Cindy

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