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Re: [IP] Bg rise in a.m....

<< <  How do you bolus
  for the sugar on the bagel?  I don't know what the scientific answer is,
  but someone one this list, like Michael, Barb, Bob or Sam, etc...will teach
  us.  >> >>

Here is my rule of thumb for counting carbs in bread products.  Regular breads
have 13 grams of CHO per ounce.  "Dessert" type breads (cinnamon raisin, etc.)
have about 15 grams per ounce.  Just weigh your bagel and depending on the
type, multilply by one of these numbers to get the carb content.  I've found
this to be very accurate. (even for bagels)  I had to learn to do this because
my husband bakes bread from scratch (no bread machine) and there is no way to
make consistent slices.  I always measure bread this way.

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