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Re: [IP] Advice Needed....

Carol,   when I got my pump I started using it right away.  Someone in the
local pumper club had told me that she did that when she got hers (actually
she gave me the idea).  It all depends on how confident you feel about
doing things like this.  The video isall you need on pump operation.
Setting basals is the trickiest part (if anything is tricky), but I just
did the calculations in the book, and started out on thelow side.  The
first day you might have some residual insulin sticking around, so it may
take a few days to figure the basal.  Just check BG more frequently, and
bolus to get you in range.  Then work up the basal to a comfortable level.
Email me directly for more specific details if interested.

<<<<<<<<<<Hi listmates.  I am in need of some advice here.....I got a new
Disetronic pump about a week ago and completed training on the pump
operation/programming and carb counting.  I am currently wearing it with
only saline solution in it but want to start pumping insulin
immediately.  My MD agreed to prescribe the pump at my request but would
now like me to see an endo.  I finally got my insurance to approve this
but now I can't see the endo for almost 2 months!  They're booked solid.

Should I attempt pumping insulin myself using the hourly basal rates
suggested in Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin"?  This is based on body
weight and I can adjust it where necessary with lots of testing.  Should
I proceed or wait several more months to see the endo?

Carol Wilson
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