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Re: [IP] Public Display of DM

I guess I never thought of the term "diabetic" as anything different than
just a shorter synonym for "a person with a condition called diabetes". I
don't look at myself as defined by any medical condition. I'm just "me",
who happens to also be diabetic. 

I think that as long as you don't define yourself by the term Diabetic,
then that particular name does not have a negative connotation. It's how
you look at yourself that counts! I don't worry about what other people


At 05:55 AM 07/27/1998  Bonnie Richardson wrote:
>Amen! I definitely agree with Randall outlook.  
>From: Randall Winchester <email @ redacted>
>I'd characterize it as "I am who I am, and this is one of the major=20
>things that I deal with. "  I am not defined by the content of my=20
>medical chart.  We don't call people with high cholesterol =20
>"cholestrolics" and lump them together in one faceless anonymous=20
>blob...  we are people with diabetes... not diseases incarnated and=20
>given id numbers for our charts...  first people, then people who=20
>have to deal with a lot of difficult things just to stay alive. =20
>Those we encounter can just deal with it...  and with us...
>Uh oh...  soapbox attack...  wild Baptist preacher with something on=20
>his mind... only rational reaction... RUN!
>I'm better now....
>Randall P. Winchester

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