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Re: [IP] a time change...

Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Boy, I am just FULL of questions this week!!!  I know this list gets
> this question all the time (because Michael has mentioned a FAQ on it)
> but truthfully I have never seen the actual answer.  I am going on
> vacation for 3 weeks to Newfoundland, Canada.  I am starting to wonder
> if I need to adjust my pump "timing"?!?  The time difference is only an
> hour and a 1/2 later?!?  Do I just need to change the basal rate times?
> Just want to hear what the experienced have to say before I make my own
> conclusions (which recently have sent me from 30 to 400 in a half
> hour...my conclusion needs some fine tuning in other words.)   -Tonya
> D.  :-)

Tonya, I recently had an experience going through 4 different states and
time change.  I also thought 1 hr. wouldn't make a difference.  Was I
surprised.  Went from Louisiana to Arizona which time doesn't ever change.
That state is 2 hrs different from La.  My first two days were miserable.
I couldn't get my bg below 200.  Coming home, ever time the time change I
changed the time on my MM which took care of the basal. Also if traveling
by car make sure you stop several times and just walk around.  After
learning to change the time I had the best time.  I hope you have a
wonderful time in Canada.  Let me know how things go for you. Hope my
suggestion works.  Donna

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