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Re: [IP] Sermons...

Randall Winchester wrote:
> Sometimes I think they are... and I'm available most Sundays.  I also
> do special events, retreats and just about any kind of event that
> comes along... and I've preached in churches of several different
> denominations, from Methodist, Disciples and of course, Southern
> Baptist...   and yes, I have used my insulin pump as a sermon
> illustration, along with my pager, computer and kids....
> I preach and talk just like I write...  sometimes it's good,
> sometimes it's not as good.  But if my bg drops during the service it
> can be downright wild...
> Randall P. Winchester

I've had that experience, too.  Just to avoid having to stop in
mid-preach (we Charismatic Baptists HATE to do THAT!), I sometimes allow
myself to go just a wee bit high when I'm preaching.  I tend to work up
a sweat (I practically baptize myself at times!) while preaching, and
that can drive me low.  Better safe than sorry.

By the way, Randall, where are you located?

Just by way of background, I am a part-time Evangelist, and contrary to
my above comments, I am an INDEPENDENT ministry.  You can send any
donation to......oh, whoops, I'm not on TV........

Keep the faith!

Mike Maturen
Type I, 11 years, pumping 8 years
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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