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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes

>> I wonder how much your place of origin really matters with diabetes. Most
>> of my family originates from Eastern Europe. I also know there are a

>The highest incidence appears to be in the scandinavian countries.

Actually I think the highest rate (not location) is among Native Americans.  I did
a quick search and found the IHS pages (Indian Health Services) which gives death
rates for various causes of mortality.  Native Americans (including Native
Alaskans) have a death rate from diabetes mellitus of 121.5/100,000, US-All races
has a rate of 34/100,000 and US-white has a rate of 28.6/100,000.  It is not
broken down into type I or II, or level of care, but I would have to believe that
non-whites of all types have a higher rate of diabetes than whites with an even
higher rate for Native Americans, which is what I have always heard.

My wife, and therefore my son, has a little Native American heritage which is why
I have followed this thread.  I wonder if a doctor would have a different
perspective if his practice was on a reservation?

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