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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes

email @ redacted wrote:

> Michael,
> . My wife and the girls have all the
> crooked fingers, blond, etc....  plus 'rat feet'. <vbg>
>     Someone else commented about "crooked fingers" too and I'm not sure if you
> mean a genetic trait or an acquired one.  They used to check your bg control
> (for kids) by asking you to put your hands together as if you were praying.  If
> you look at the way your fingers do or don't meet and their ability to lie flat,
> you can tell if the fingers (and toes) are curling.  High bgs apparantly make
> the tendons shorten and the fingers and I think other less easy to measure parts
> of the body curl.  I know this happens to me as well -- after a long period of
> good control I can line my pinkies up flat.  When I was in the hospital for
> diagnosis as a kid I was introduced to a "bad"  diabetic and I remember that one
> point the nurses made was to look at how decrepit her hands had become.

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