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Re: [IP] Bg rise in a.m....

In a message dated 7/26/98 11:06:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< So, "facing" up to all the elements that could be improved & actually
 taking some action HAS in fact made a big difference. She's already done the
 overnight fast & BOY did those basals need changing & today she's doing the
 daytime one. Her CDE changed her bolus ratios & that HAS helped.....And I
 decided that if record-keeping was an "issue" for her, then I would take
 over... >>
What a GREAT  Mom you are!  Teens always need a break and frequently need to
see the error of their ways.  (Don't we all! LOL.) Great brainstorming and
problem solving here.  Are we giving out any great Mom awards?

Barbara B.
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