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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes

At 08:39 PM 07/25/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>          I agree. It's a fascinating study; however it would require a
lot of
>research to prove it. There are too many factors with this disease to tie
>down to one specific factor. But a simple note - my family orginates from
>England, Scotland, and Wales too.  My  mother's family line has all of
>autoimmune disorders.  But this has only been a recient introduction. My
>father who is into genelogy has researched some of our family lines to
>1000 AD's.  The study is fascinating. Esp. death records. You really get
>good picture of your family's medical history.  ~DD

I wonder how much your place of origin really matters with diabetes. Most
of my family originates from Eastern Europe. I also know there are a
numbers of African-Americans that are diabetic too. So, the genetic factors
for diabetes seem to be spread out pretty far. I suspect that the
blonde/blue-eyed factor may not be too reliable.


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