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Re: [IP] Sam, you funny guy...

At 10:31 PM 07/25/1998  Joseph Diffee wrote:
>As others have already mentioned...keep up the funnyness (is that a real
>word?!)  I have been accused many times that I "AM IN DENIAL" because I
>choose to find the humor and irony in my diabetes?!?  WHATEVER!  As I've
>mentioned before...if you saw yourself walking around with only your
>socks on singing "We Are the Champions" - you WOULDN'T laugh...I don't
>think so!!!!  

Denial?? I don't think so!! I think that it shows a lot more acceptance of
your condition when you can laugh about it. (he, he, he... I'm still trying
to imagine the sight of your birthday-suit stroll around the house). 

>I was working on putting together a diabetic humor page
>(Michael has UNrecruited me it looks like?!?)  Sam, wanna help me out?!?

Sure, we'll just un-recruit Michael and put ourselves back in. Tell me what
to do... as time permits, I'll be glad to help. 

(who's been spending his weekends remodeling his house).

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