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Re: [IP] Bg rise in a.m....

On 25 Jul 98 at 22:41, Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Here's a question...
> I wake up with a bg around 70 to 120.  I faithfully eat my Lender's
> cinnamon swirl bagel 38 carbs and drink a cup of milk = 12 carbs.  I
> bolus my 5 units (1:10 carb ratio).  Before lunch check I am usually 250
> or higher?!?!?!?  If I'm too low waking up I am rebounding, I know, BUT
> even if I am normal I go way too high!!!  What could it be?!?  Do I need
> a different carb. ratio for breakfast?  I DO have Pumping Insulin and
> plan on reading it SOON!!  Any ideas for me now though?!?  -Tonya D.
> P.S. Can dawn phenom. happen around 11:00?!?  That's when I get up!  :-)

You might need a new ratio for that time of day.  I have four 
different ratios based on the time of day.  You also may need to 
check your basal rates by skipping breakfast and checking every hour 
or so...  Or it just may be the cinnamon...
Randall P. Winchester

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