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Re: [IP] humor

At 05:34 AM 07/25/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>In a message dated 7/25/98 2:31:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted
><< my 18 year old makes comments about dad's
> tired old jokes. I guess this is a good example of how familiarity
> contempt. But then again, familiarity also breeds children...
>  >>
>Gee, Sam, they aren't tired old jokes for this group, but of, course we
>haven't been living with you for 18 years. I'll bet your son will have a
>large bag of memories about his life with you.  

He already likes to tell stories about some of my foibles (and I got a ton
of them). He has a pretty well developed sense of humor himself (its
genetic)... of course, he seems to like his own jokes better (obviously his
taste has not matured fully yet). 

>Keep up the humor. It shows how quick minded you are.

To tell the truth I worry about that. My mom died at the age of 82 after
suffering from Alzheimers. She didn't even recognize anyone before she
died. Ever since she was diagnosed, I have been trying to do mental
exercises... I love crossword puzzles. And my job requires some mental
gymnastics, which is good... problem solving type of things. I don't know
if all this does any good, but it somehow makes me feel better. 


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