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Re: [IP] humor

At 06:03 AM 07/25/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>    Now THAT was really a cute one!! I too enjoy your comments & love
>attitude about keeping HUMOR in the equation as the "best
>of Melissa's protein issue (previously discussed), she had to undergo a
>surgical biopsy November 21st. A few days later my husband's secretary ws
>diagnosed with breast cancer, and 2 wks later, I too was diagnosed with
>cancer. I will FINALLY finish all my treatments in the next 2
>also contended with TEN funerals since September, including the 3 high
>students in Melissa's small school ( previously mentioned too), my 51 yr
>cousin from diabetic complications, and 2 neighbors in their young 50s
>cancer....I think this year has taught us to LAUGH OUT LOUD every chance
>get, so keep the "puns" coming Sam!!

Your experiences sound dreadful. Trying to rise above all those tragedies
must have been very hard. 

I've read in a number of places how patient attitude is sometimes a major
factor in how well they do. I'm stubborn and always try to figure out
another way to do things, if the first way doesn't work out. I don't give
up easily. I also strongly believe that there is not just one correct way
to do things (and I think that this applies to life in general). As a
consequence, I don't worry about "doing diabetes right"... I do what seems
to work for me. Equally important is a positive attitude and a sense of
humor for the times when things are not going as well as I'd like. 

Just my 2 cents worth...


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