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Re: [IP] Public Display of DM

On 24 Jul 98 at 23:49, Becky Draper wrote:

> I guess I sort of look back on it now as my formal "coming out of the
> closet speach."  This is who I am, this is what I have to do to stay
> alive.  Like it or lump it.

I'd characterize it as "I am who I am, and this is one of the major 
things that I deal with. "  I am not defined by the content of my 
medical chart.  We don't call people with high cholesterol  
"cholestrolics" and lump them together in one faceless anonymous 
blob...  we are people with diabetes... not diseases incarnated and 
given id numbers for our charts...  first people, then people who 
have to deal with a lot of difficult things just to stay alive.  
Those we encounter can just deal with it...  and with us...

Uh oh...  soapbox attack...  wild Baptist preacher with something on 
his mind... only rational reaction... RUN!

I'm better now....

Randall P. Winchester

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