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[IP] Horrible Experiences in Restaurants

Once, I was in the restroom of a restaurant in Chicago.  The syringe in my arm, and a policeman walked in.  I froze.  He looked at me, smiled, and said "diabetic, huh? as he walked over to a urinal.
After that, whenever I shot up, I always announced to the people around me, "By the way, I'm a diabetic".  I said the same thing when someone walked in on me.  Even people who pretend to not notice definitely do.  Its easier to answer the questions they are thinking than to wait for challenges.
But, at some point, I decided to stop going to the restroom to take injections.  I think that is the dirtiest place in the restaurant; why do I want to do it there?  So, I test by blood at the table, and (before pumping) took my injection at the table. 
I think I was born to be a teacher.  Whenever someone says or asks something stupid, I take it seriously, and take the time to fully explain what I'm doing.  There are a lot more insulin-dependent diabetics today than when I started in the 60's, but there are still a lot of people out there who have no idea what diabetes is really all about.  Who knows, maybe our thoughtful explanations could help save someone's life in the future....