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Re: [IP] heat wave

> Since I am not on Humalog --- I still believe the heat was my problem.  (Also
> I had not been refrigerating the open vial of insulin.)


I spoke with a representative of Lilly some months back about heat 
and insulin. At room temperature (70 something) the loss of potentcy 
per month is in the 1% range as I recall. What she did say however is 
that this is a highly non-linear process. We were discussing the 
temperatures reached in the back of delivery vans and purses, etc..., 
lying about in the sun. At temperatures of over 100 F or more, she 
said the half live of the insulin (time for 50% potency loss) can be
measured in HOURS. So... heat is a definetly a concern. Normal 
conditions of insulin in the pump syringe for a few days or carrying 
a vial of insulin around for a few days should not be a problem as 
long as things don't get 'real hot' so to speak.

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