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RE: [IP] I get my pump on Tuesday

>  I have developed such a fear of lows that I always seem to take one
> less unit than I really should.  I am hoping that with the pump I will loose
> this fear.  I am wondering - will my doctor let me go on h/v mix right away?

Depends on your doc's confidence in YOU.
Probably no reason not to do it now. If you are injecting, you could 
even customize the mix for each meal depending on the fat content. 
Hmmm.... interesting - can't do that with the pump.

> I think that I am one that needs the tail (if this is a correct term).  I
> love and hate humalog right now.  I love the quick action and hate that it
> is gone when I seem to still need it.
> If you go low on a pump do you recover quick and then go about your business
> or are you fighting a day of lows?

With H, you recover very quick.

> I have different days when my bg goes high for NO reason (that I am aware
> of)  and other days where it is great.  How do you adjust your pump to
> anticipate these days?

Can't really anticipate except for menses. See the FAQ on the website 
written by Mary J.

You can rapidly accomodate changes by setting a tmp basal rate or 
making small changes in basal rate.  A 0.1 u/hr change has a 
remarkably large effect.
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