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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes

> < My kind of traits, when do we meet!  heh... heh... or do I have to 
> get in line? :-)  hmm..... sounds like my wife and daughters. See 
> Lily's picture on the Kids page. My wife and the girls have all the 
> crooked fingers, blond, etc....  plus 'rat feet'. <vbg>
>      LOL. After a long selection process it is now a very short line of one.
> But thank you for your flattery. My son (21months) has these traits too.
> That's my main concern. I'd hate for him to have diabetes.  I'm such a worrier
> anyway. I think it would be very difficult for me.  
I wouldn't worry too much. Just to fill in the whole picture, the 
blnd & blue comes from my dad's side of the family, welch-cornish. My 
mom was the one with the diabetic brothers and parents. They are all 
dead now so I don't know if they were truly type 1 or 2 but there is 
no history in my dads family which can be traced back to the plymouth 
rock folks (or something like that). Mom and family were all deep 
brunettes. Blue eyes is a recessive trait so there must have been 
some blue in there somewhere. I think it's and interesting thread 
that we're discussing, but I wouldn't put much stock in it for 
predicting type 1 diagnosis.

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