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Re: [IP] I get my pump on Tuesday

Hi Barb --

> Thanks for your reply.  Well, looks like we can learn together.  I am hoping
> to meet with my endo and MiniMed rep the week after next.  I am ready to
> jump right in and forget the saline.  We will see what happens.  I am really
> hopeful that this will work for me.  I already test 8-10 times a day (I do
> hope that will lessen a little).  My control is the pits.  I am either too
> low or too high.  I have been feeling totally beaten by this condition and I
> am not of the personality to let anything control me.  So, I am hopeful that
> me and my condition can come to some sort of compromise with the pump!

My latest HbA1c was 7.5, down from my earlier ones of 8.5 and 9.4.
Seems my MI "works" after a fashion, but taking all those injections
daily is the *pits*!  I test 4 times daily, before meals and bedtime.  This
is a recent change in regimine.  I used to test and inject *once* daily.
And my fingers have *serious* calouses: can only get adequate blood
to test only by squeezing my finger with a rubber band after shaking
them down.  My middle fingers just don't bleed at all with my B-M
Softclix finger sticker set at maximum depth.   My tests are *hideous*
as well: highs over 300, lows under 60.  ( PU! )  Hope my pump will
help me control them better...

Hope you can test better than I can.  8-/

Have a *wonderful* Saturday.

John ( mailto:email @ redacted )

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