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     Several interesting little facts to pass along following Melissa's
monthly visit yesterday with her CDE....yes, she STILL goes & YES, she still
gains some added info each time & yes, she still wants to continue going
(guess she's afraid she might miss out on some new innovation!!)
     1) She got to "test drive" that new DUET meter that measures
fructosamine...It's advertised in Forecast magazine & sells for around
$200-$250...Our opinion: FORGET IT!!!....Her CDE doesn't like it much
either...You have to get a GIGANTIC blood drop (without milking your finger
either supposedly), "suck" it up through a pipette & put it on the strange-
looking strip...Counts down from 240 seconds & gives you a reading which
correlates to an average bg
     2) Melissa got to help "teach" a dad of a new 10 yr old pumper how to use
a Silhouette infusion set..He was the next appt. after hers & her CDE let her
"take over"...think he's priming her to take over his practice some day!!!
LOL...She actually did a great job explaining & thinks she's ready to "hang
out her shingle"
     3) I mentioned EMLA anaesthetizing cream to the dad in case his son balks
at the size of the needle...Melissa's CDE mentioned that EMLA can sometimes
leave a residue which might cause the tape to NOT stick as well...so just
passing that info along to the parents who ARE using this product
     4) Michael- I did print out your request for "medical personnel" to join
this list & gave it to him...But (fortunately or unfortunately) his patient
load has grown so much that he barely has time to return phone calls...I do
pass things along to him though
     5) since his background is in exercise physiology & Melissa has to start
getting in shape for field hockey, they also discussed handling her exercise
routine- so the visits cover more than just pump "mechanics"....I guess I
liken it to my days at "Weight Watchers"- when you know someone's going to be
monitoring your progress, it's not as easy to just "slack off" & "forget" what
you should be doing!!
Since I've now "convinced" our insurance co. to cover these visits 80%, why
argue with success????....

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