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Re: [IP] humor

    Now THAT was really a cute one!! I too enjoy your comments & love your
attitude about keeping HUMOR in the equation as the "best medicine"....Because
of Melissa's protein issue (previously discussed), she had to undergo a
surgical biopsy November 21st. A few days later my husband's secretary ws
diagnosed with breast cancer, and 2 wks later, I too was diagnosed with breast
cancer. I will FINALLY finish all my treatments in the next 2 wks.....We've
also contended with TEN funerals since September, including the 3 high school
students in Melissa's small school ( previously mentioned too), my 51 yr old
cousin from diabetic complications, and 2 neighbors in their young 50s from
cancer....I think this year has taught us to LAUGH OUT LOUD every chance we
get, so keep the "puns" coming Sam!!

regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
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