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Injecting In Public (was Re: [IP] Very HAPPY !)


I also had a rather nerve-racking experience in a restaurant once.  I
had excused myself to go to the restroom and take my injection.  A lady
with a small child came in, looked at me, said nothing and left. 
Unknown to me (at that time) she went to the Restaurant manager and
reported me.  I went back to the table and we kept wondering why our
food was taking so long to be served.  Suddenly about 6 or so policemen
came into the restaurant and the manager pointed them to our table.  I
ended up emptying my purse to prove that I didn't have any illegal drugs
(it didn't matter to them that I had I.D. saying that I am Diabetic, or
that I had insulin with the syringes).  It seemed like the manager and
the police were determined to find something to accuse me of.  Finally
they gave up.  We got up and left that restaurant and went elsewhere to
eat.  Needless to say, I have never gone back to that place and I am
still wary of the police in that town.

<< I am a teacher and  I have had to test my bg's in the classroom esp.
lunch. I try to do it in an out of site area; however there have been
that I have been caught by students either pricking my finger or while
strip is on the monitor.  Kids are really accepting of this.  One year I
some of my sixth graders begging me to test their blood sugars. I've
also had
a horrible experience in a public restroom at a local resturant. A woman
yelled at me and accused me of being a junkie because I was filling a
with insulin.  ( The restroom stalls were too dark to see the numbers)
To this
day I still have problems in resturants - even bolusing. ~DD >>


	... Sue  :-)

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