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Turning 40 (was Re: [IP] OVER 21,900 INJECTIONS)

Hi Becky,

40 isn't old ... if you're a tree!

Been there.  Done that.  Even got the proverbial T-shirt (that's where
the slogan came from).

Seriously, it's not as traumatic as you think it will be.

<< Becky Draper, Diabetic for 21 years.  Diagnosed at age 17.  Age now
(Yipes that getting way to close to 40!!)  When I was diganosed, I
always figured I'd be dead by age 40.  Thank god, things have changed.

I figure 5 yrs @ 1 shot a day, 16 years @ 4 shots a day is um um um
about, around, approximately..... 25,185 yucky sucky shots.

Been Pumping for approx 5 months. YIPPY!!!

Becky D. >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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