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Re: [IP] humor

At 10:06 PM 07/24/1998  Becky Draper wrote:
>I for one am very appreciative of all your humorous messages.  "Most" of
>them are very funny and keep me laughing.  Some....well some of them I 
>just have to roll my eyes and groan, "that Sammy guy, what a cutup."  
>Keep the cracks coming.  I always look forward to them.  Thanks for
>giving me something to giggle about every day.

I have to admit that my wife sometimes gets tired my my wise-cracks and
tells me to get serious... and my 18 year old makes comments about dad's
tired old jokes. I guess this is a good example of how familiarity breeds
contempt. But then again, familiarity also breeds children...


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