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Re: [IP] I get my pump on Tuesday


<<  I am wondering - will my doctor let me go on h/v mix right away?
 I think that I am one that needs the tail (if this is a correct term).  I
 love and hate humalog right now.  I love the quick action and hate that it
 is gone when I seem to still need it.>>
I sincerely doubt that your doc would have you start on "the mix" right away.
One thing you can try in the meantime (after you get the pump) is a square
wave bolus.  Or since you are getting one of those fancy new-fangled 507c's,
you'll be able to do a "dual wave" bolus.  This is essentially dividing the
bolus into two parts, a regular bolus of a portion of your insulin and then
the remaining amount in a square wave.  You do get the quick action of the
Humalog that way, but it will "dull" the peak and spread out the action.  This
is essentially how the mix works and is a bit easier to use because the
programming is simpler.  But it would be much more difficult to figure out
your rates with the mix.  You'll already have so many variables going at once,
it would be better to keep it as simple as you can.

<< If you go low on a pump do you recover quick and then go about your
 or are you fighting a day of lows?>>

Once you know your ratios (your blood sugar to insulin ratio and your carb to
blood sugar ratio) you'll be able to recover from either a high or a low
without a roller coaster ride.  Plus, only having short-acting insulin really
helps take away some of the bumps.
<< I have different days when my bg goes high for NO reason (that I am aware
 of)  and other days where it is great.  How do you adjust your pump to
 anticipate these days?>>

OK, when I have those days, I can usually tie it to female hormones.  Many
women have reported rising blood sugars in the 3 to 5 days before their period
starts.  You can increase your basal rates to combat this.  There is an
article on this in the FAQ section of the insulin-pumpers website. Of course,
other things can cause bg's to go up, like stress and illness.  Temporary
basal rate changes are probably the way to go. Try increasing your basals one
tenth of a unit at a time, until your numbers start falling into range.  Wait
about 2 or 3 hours to see the results.
<< Just a few of many questions to come......

Keep 'em coming!!  We love to help!

Mary Jean
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