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Re: [IP] I get my pump on Tuesday

<<  I am ready to
 jump right in and forget the saline.  We will see what happens.  I am really
 hopeful that this will work for me.  I already test 8-10 times a day (I do
 hope that will lessen a little).  My control is the pits.  I am either too
 low or too high.   >>

Barb, (and John too!)

Can I give you one (or several) words of advice?  Start keeping track of the
food you eat at each meal now and learn to count the carbs.  Also keep track
of the amount of regular insulin you give for each meal.  (You may already be
doing this.)  When you have a "post prandial" (aka "after meal") blood sugar
that is in or close to the target range, divide the number of carbs by the
amount of regular insulin you took.  Do this for several meals and see if a
trend is developing.  The resulting number should be very close to your carb
to insulin ratio, which you will need to know when you start pumping. 

Also figure it out for the meals which are out of range and make note of them
but keep the results separate.  That way if you are too high after a meal, you
know that that ratio was too high, etc.

 I taught myself to count carbs and figured out my own ratio this way, all by
myself.  It probably will need to be adjusted after you stop receiving long-
acting insulin but I bet you'll at least know which ballpark you are playing

Doing lots of tests and keeping records now will make it that much easier to
figure out the  rates for pumping.

Good luck!
Mary Jean
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