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Re: [IP] Cause of diabetes/cancer?

At 05:05 AM 07/24/1998  Paula Berketo wrote:
>You mentioned no asthmatic's in your family.  What about people who are
>sarchastic?????  You also didn't mention humourous as this seems to be a
>predominant trait (pump in shorts!!!)  ;-)

I think I inherited my humor from my father... when I was quite young, he
used to point out how words could be taken apart in funny ways. I don't
know what he would think of it now, though, since he died when I was only
12. I suspect that in the end, I have no one to blame but myself.

Seriously, folks... I think humor is very therapeutic. It helps me maintain
my sanity, that's for sure... it's better than getting depressed (a little
Paxil on the side, doesn't hurt either). I remember when I first woke up
from heart surgery (quintuple by-pass in Jan. 1995), the ICU nurse asked
how I felt... my first response was: "I'm feeling really tubular". Of
course, I had a jillion wires & tubes attached... I must be truly weird.

(If you can't laugh, you'll have to cry)

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