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Re: [IP] Fwd: Disconnect/ high bgs later

email @ redacted wrote:

> Question, my son age 10 disconnects when he swims or is very active, running,
> etc.  We have never hd a problem with him running high, infact he will dip.
> if he needs to eat or rather wants to he reconnects and boluses.  Question is
> after he connected back we checked his finger and he was 140, he left and went
> to a friends called me two hours later with a check of 400.  Does air get into
> line while disconnected if the pump is suspended?  

Problem is that if the connector isn't aimed upward it may drip some insulin
out while on suspend. Whenever I disconnect I always leave the connector needle
pointed upward and usually higher than the pump. When I reconnect I always bolus
0.2 units to be sure it's full before connecting. If I don't get insulin showing
do it again. Also note that I DON'T suspend the pump, just leave it running, 
which ensures that it will be full to reconnect. It also saves battery power,
beeper alarm wastes some.

Should we prime pump before
> reconnecting or just leave pump on?  Thanks

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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