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Re: [IP] RE: Inplantable Pump

James P Lyons wrote:
> As I commented before, I would be very curious if any of these success
> cases were accomplished in animals with an autoimmune response.  I'm all
> for them getting it to work, but I think they are basically trying to
> beat the bodies immune system to do it. (a case of 'i know more than
> you')  Beating our immune systems when they decide they don't like
> something... well to my knowledge there has really only been limited
> success. (anti rejection meds for transplants, which are hardly elegant)
> Every now and again nature comes up with something, and we manage to --
> with immune system help -- beat it. (polio, measles mumps rebella etc)
> current viri -- hiv ... but its rare that we succed the other way around.
> If they figure out a way to keep the body from walling off the
> transplanted ilets, i'll be extrondinarily happy -- as well as surprised.

Actually, I've read e-mail from the first successful human implant of 
donated Beta cells micro-encapsulated in artifial cell capsules. He lived with
it for several years, but, as expected, the cells have been dying off slowly.
Trouble is that the membranes that protect the Beta cells have no exttra 
room in them for replacement cells to grow to replace what dies off naturally,
as body cells always do eventually. 

Unfortunately he committed suicide recently for a variety of reasons. You 
can find information about this at the following webpage:

> If anyone knows of resarch done on auto immune animals (rats dogs
> humans...) w/ regard to ilet transplants, i'd like to hear about it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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