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[IP] Infusion Set Insertions

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to check in with everyone.  I've been on the
Disetronic HTron Plus since February, and LOVE it.

I was wondering if anyone had advice to offer on inserting the infusion
sets.  It's weird...sometimes, they slide right in and I don't even feel it.
Other times they hurt like h*ll, and it seems to take a bulldozer to push
the thing in.  I use the Disetronic Tender 2.  Any advice for making this
process go smoothly and be relatively painless each time?  I've found that
being right handed...it's more difficult to insert on the left side of my

One more question....  When being trained on the pump, I was taught that the
needle/canula always had to be pointed towards the navel.  Is that true?  I
never worried about which way the needle was pointed when I was on

Thanks for any advice.

Marshall Jackson

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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