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Re: [IP] Kids are amazing!!!

On 24 Jul 98 at 12:17, Michael wrote:

> Mimi and I take a 'kid' out to dinner once a month at a nice place. 
> With 5 kids, there are 10 'special' nights a year just for them alone 
> with mom and dad. Last night was Lily's birthday month dinner.

Sounds like you've got something good going there!  

> We went  to the San Benito house in Half Moon Bay and had a great 
> dinner. The entrees were:

snipped all the menu stuff...

> At this point, your probably wondering "what's the point of the 
> story"
> Well, amazing Lily 'estimated' the whole dinner and did not measure a 
> thing. By the time dinner and dessert was over she had bolused 20 
> (yes TWENTY) units of insulin. I was about to have heart failure and 
> was anticipating "one of those nights". But..... at 11:00 her post 
> prandial bg was 185. She was going to bolus down, but I insisted that 
> she leave well enough alone. At 1:00 am worry wart dad woke her up 
> and she was 130 and at 2:30 am she was 150. Hmmm..... guess I better 
> leave the poor kid alone and let her sleep. This morning (morning is 
> about 10:00 for Lily in the summer) she was fine, of course, and I 
> can't believe she actually got away with that!!
> Aren't kids great!?

Give her a great big yell of "YES!" and pass along a cheer or two.  
It sounds like she's got the "estimating" down fairly well, and 
you've got to give her a lot of credit for that.  Hope things 
continue to go well.  Isn't the pump a good tool to enable you to 
have evenings out like that?

Randall P. Winchester

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