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Re: [IP] Re: HA1C warning

> I was told that the extreme high's and lows all averaged out.  I can only
> deduce, from experience, that good readings do not necessarily mean good
> control.
No, it is not an average. It is a measure of how much glucose is 
'stuck' to red blood cells that does not belong there. The process of 
'sticking' is non linear. With high bg's, many more glucose cells 
attach to everything in your body than with normal or low bg's.
Low bg's do not cause them to 'un-stick', just no more stick during 
that period of time - thus highs and lows do not average out, you 
just don't accumulate more damage at a cellular level during the low.

Since red blood cells live about 90 days or so, hbA1c reflects the 
'wellness' of your body over about the last 3 months.

Some of our medical/techy members can provide a more detailed 
explanation. AND.... if you know of an article that explains this 
well or are willing to write it, I will post it to our website as 
this question comes up from time to time.

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