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Re: [IP] Advice Needed.....

> Should I attempt pumping insulin myself using the hourly basal rates
> suggested in Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin"?  This is based on body
> weight and I can adjust it where necessary with lots of testing.  Should
> I proceed or wait several more months to see the endo?  

You can start pumping anytime with saline solution, and you should so 
you have some practice.

You have to make your own decision about pumping with insulin. 

With respect to basal rates, measure them. It is a bit of a hassle, 
but you can do it if you switch to straight regular and get the long 
acting insulins out of your system. This will REQUIRE that you take a 
shot of insulin in the middle of the night, half way between your 
bedtime shot and your morning shot. You need some regular 
insulin "in" every four hour or so at a minimum. Follow the 
procedures for testing basal rates in Pumping Insulin or on the 
website. I recommend that you read both. Collect the data over a long 
period of time, don't try to do it all at once, the constant waking 
will actually foul up the data collection. Adjust your basal insulin 
taken by shot to get a bg profile as flat as possible and try using 
the prediction tool on the website.

Once this is accomplished, switching to the pump with 
Regular/Velosulin should be easy with relatively small adjustments of 
basal rate. 

If you elect to do this, AND I would discuss it with your doc (after 
you collect the data and prove what a smart pumper you are), again 
stabilize your basal rates on the pump with a new basal profile.

Switching to Humalog is again fairly easy. Mostly it involves moving 
the time of basal change to 'later' since Humalog acts faster and 
must be put in later to produce the same effect as regular. Again, it 
is necessary to re-check your basal profile if you elect to do this.

Second option, contact the pump company and get the names of pump 
trainers in your area. Insurance may pay for this as well. Minimed 
provided a couple of sessions for Lily as part of the cost of pump 

You may wish to do both things.

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