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[IP] Kids are amazing!!!

Mimi and I take a 'kid' out to dinner once a month at a nice place. 
With 5 kids, there are 10 'special' nights a year just for them alone 
with mom and dad. Last night was Lily's birthday month dinner.

We went  to the San Benito house in Half Moon Bay and had a great 
dinner. The entrees were:

Duck in pear and ginger sauce, with wild rice and a mixed vegetable 

Seafood sausage (crab, scallops, etc...) on a bed of grilled polenta 
with caramelized onions and.....

Gourmet pizza of grilled eggplant, fresh cherry tomatoes and goat 
------------yum!, we shared all of that.

For dessert, we had expresso coffee creme, a very rich pudding topped 
with blueberries, wild strawberries and whip cream 

AND home-made marscipone ice-cream topped with cabernette sauteed 

Lily added a Latte to all that to top off her dessert while Mimi and 
I just had de-caf coffee. 

Oh, I forget the home- made breads, they were so good 
we bought some and took them home for the rest of the family.

At this point, your probably wondering "what's the point of the 

Well, amazing Lily 'estimated' the whole dinner and did not measure a 
thing. By the time dinner and dessert was over she had bolused 20 
(yes TWENTY) units of insulin. I was about to have heart failure and 
was anticipating "one of those nights". But..... at 11:00 her post 
prandial bg was 185. She was going to bolus down, but I insisted that 
she leave well enough alone. At 1:00 am worry wart dad woke her up 
and she was 130 and at 2:30 am she was 150. Hmmm..... guess I better 
leave the poor kid alone and let her sleep. This morning (morning is 
about 10:00 for Lily in the summer) she was fine, of course, and I 
can't believe she actually got away with that!!

Aren't kids great!?

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