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Re: [IP] Successful Sil Skewer! & Q

Laurel,  I use the silhouettes on my upper stomach ONLY.  I have nine spots
that work well between my navel and breasts.  I have absorption problems in my
butt and lower abdomen so I stopped using those sites.  I have been doing this
for about 6 months and am hoping that these poor absorption spots will
improve.  If they do not improve, I plan to go to the H/V mix.  I am thin and
have a lot of stomach muscle.  I have to insert the needle at a flat angle and
this has worked very well for me.  If you have more padding, you ought to be
able to insert the needle deeper.  You will just have to try it and see.  I
would only use my legs as a last resort.  I do too much physical exercise and
just don't believe that would work for me.  Good luck.  ellen
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