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Re: [IP] Absence of low readings.

In a message dated 98-07-24 10:31:27 EDT, you write:

<< Katie, if you had a BG of 90, you were fine.  Those symptoms can be
 misleading if BG drops quickly or they may be due to something else.  I
 always trust my meter, and if there is any doubt I check again.  You've got
 to start listening more to that guy you live with :-)
I went from sitting on the couch, to thinking I was going to vomit. Raced to
the bathroom but had to lay on the floor before I got there. Went into sweats
and crying. I know my sugar bottomed. I believe the humalog hit really fast.
Before my machine could register it. Although it is possible that it was a
feeling from dropping from some higher point to 90, I don't think so. Not with
that sever of a reaction.
Katie - and I won't tell my hubby you said that. He needs no more
encouragement toward me listening more to him. :)
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