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Re: [IP] Blood Pressure

Paula,  I also had low blood pressure.  I had several tests which proved
nothing and I am suspicious that it also might be neuropathy related.
However, since I have been on the pump, my blood pressure has risen.  It is
now normal, but on the low side of normal.  I feel good so I haven't been
concerned about it.  I have another condition that is not, I believe, related
to diabetes.  It is an inner ear problem.  I think it is allergy related, but
I don't know because I have never had allergies.  The room spins around and I
can't stand up.  I get this about every 6 months and it disappears by taking
antivert (a prescription drug) for a couple of days.  This drug is very
effective for me.  I got this from an eye, ear, nose dr.  This is not blood
pressure related, but maybe you could check it out.  ellen
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