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Re: [IP] Public Display of DM Was: Depression

I would assume that embarrassment regarding injections, testing or site
changes would depend on the person.

Public Displays of DM never bothered me. I thought it was pretty cool that I
knew so much about diabetes and people have always been interested. I was ten
when diagnosed. The more they learned the less they thought I was different.
Most were impressed with what I did.

I have always been cautious of taking injections infront of people because I
can't deal with watching someone get one either. The one time I gave someone
else a shot, I almost passed out.

But I often bolus waiting in line at the deli 'cause I love for people to ask.
I like teaching about diabetes and the pump. It's incredible and people are
fastinated. All my nephews and nieces (twelve of them ages 1 - 10) love to get
about an inch away from my stomach to watch me change my site. They also love
to push the button on my lancet to make me bleed. (Sadistic)

The balance of teaching children how to down play the disease without feeling
like they need to hide it must be tough. Especially at an age when they are so
self conscience. Although this may not be for everyone, I'd suggest theater
classes, public speaking or Toastmasters for kids. All of these help people to
deal with being "seen". It builds confidence.
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