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Re: [IP] RE: Inplantable Pump

That's good news Paula.  From the JDF literature, I know there are several
groups working on this.  I still think that this has the greates
possibility of a "cure."   Source of beta cells might be a problem, as
someone commented, but if proper isolation can be achieved, we might all be
going back to getting pig insulin!   It's years away I think, but it's
still much closer than any mechanical artificial pancreas.

<<<<<<From: "Paula Berketo" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] RE: Inplantable Pump

There is a professor at the University of Toronto - the same place Banting,
Best, Collip and McLeod discovered insulin who has encapsulated Beta cells
in the stomach lining of a fetal pig.  This was being tested on animals
with sucess.

Apparently the cells can do their job without getting attacked.  Sort of
like a force field.  I spoke to the man to get further info. for a public
speaking engagement I was doing.>>>>>>>>>>

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